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SocialText Office 2.0

Ross Mayfield, CEO of wiki company SocialText, recently blogged about his company’s expansion into the recently vacated bob and bob location on High Street in Palo Alto.

Besides a venue for hosting events like their recent Wikithon and the more regular Wiki Wednesdays, Ross is also considering turning the space into an open coworking facility for space- and socially-starved independents and mobile work warriors.

If you’re somewhere in the peninsula or would like a convenient drop-in workspace close to University Ave. in Palo Alto, drop Ross a note.



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  1. Fiber High is a coworking community in Palo Alto, CA, near the Mt. View border and attached to the Palo Alto fiber network. The current “membership” includes, an internet connectivity and systems integration company (David), ToxMet, “in Silico Predictive Metabolism and Toxicology” (Danni), and Liza Loop, an educational and management consultant.

    In addition, Fiber High hosts several Palo Alto firms including Empirical Education and MyArtSpace in its 100 Mbps collocation facility.

    Along with their high tech business activities, Danni, David and Liza share interests in good coffee, healthy lifestyles, alternative economics, music, linguistics and other forms of science fiction.

    David and Liza manage the Fiber High space with David in charge of the 50 Mbps plug and play connections on each desk, the collocation center and the coffee pot. Liza handles the back office, marketing and events. The MyArtSpace paintings have yet to be hung having taken second priority behind the installation of the kitchenette and lounge.

    For more information and terms of membership, please visit, email [email protected] or call 650 618 9920

  2. We have a very large room with a separate exterior entrance, conference table, chairs and hallway access to bathrooms, kitchen, copying, in downtown Palo Alto on Hamilton, walking distance to the train, near Facebook and SocialText. Contact Maura 650 324-3135

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