Accelerating serendipity with coworking

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Jay Dedman and Ryan Hodson are founding coworking community members who have been instrumental in spreading the word, turning the Hat Factory into a vlogger haven and generally being model coworkers.

They recently produced a video with interview snippets from me, Tara and Brad. It’s a great example of how we’re serving ourselves and becoming the media — and of course it helps to have such talented folks diffused throughout the community.

I’d encourage others in coworking spaces, getting started or simply interested in the idea to record their own videos and share them with the . I totally agree with Jay that the power of video [is] to make all our ideas come more real. Hopefully videos like this will inspire others to tell their stories and get involved with the larger story of independents coming together to serve themselves.



14 thoughts on “Accelerating serendipity with coworking”

  1. Great video! Thanks for posting that up! Definitely agree with you on getting other people involved and telling everyone about co-working!

  2. This is a fantastic idea. The video explains the concept very well – I’ll be looking into this for my city (Ottawa, Ontario).

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