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11 November 2015 ~ Comments Off on Is Bigger Better in the New York Coworking Scene?

Is Bigger Better in the New York Coworking Scene?

Post Author: Michael Gasiorek. As a startup business owner, have you ever asked yourself how your company can overcome a much larger funded competitor? You may be imagining your competitors using all their capital to hire developers, an aggressive sales team, building out a savvy Mad Men-level marketing department, and getting involved in the next three largest global markets. Can you go up against this […]

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09 October 2014 ~ 2 Comments

Is it a good idea to have multiple coworking spaces in one city?

Post Author: jeannine. This blog post first appeared on Jonathan Markwell’s blog and is republished here with permission.  The subject of competing Coworking spaces within one city came up in the Coworking group, and during the discussion this gem came to light.  We are proud to republish it here as part of our effort to revitalize […]

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30 June 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Quick update from Cowo Milano, Italy.

Hi everybody! As summer steps in, coworkers seem to step out, here in Milano… In fact, even if we are full booked at the moment (5 desks), we haven’t had much attendance in the office these past weeks, and I wonder if the season has something to do with it. Furthermore, August is a month […]

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09 March 2008 ~ 1 Comment

La Cantine, a new coworking space in Paris!

We are happy to announce to you that La Cantine by Silicon Sentier is opened since 30 january 2008. This is a networked collaborative workspace which facilitates conception and emergence of initiatives, new uses, products and services by accelerating ideas, creation and networked & open innovation. Additionally, La Cantine is openned up to international networks […]

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