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26 September 2007 ~ 5 Comments

Jelly on NPR!

NPR did a segment on our our casual coworking event Jelly recently during Morning Edition! — Working from Home Turns Social with the Internet (MP3 version) Several new Jellies are starting up all over. Visit the Jelly Wiki to sign up for Jelly in Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Tel Aviv, DC, and Delhi or to start […]

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20 September 2007 ~ Comments Off on 21 Sept. an invite to brooklyn coworking’s metamorphosed location

21 Sept. an invite to brooklyn coworking’s metamorphosed location

dear fellow NYC freelancer, it’s been a while since we shared the wifi-hotspot-double-mocha-frappa-whatchamacallit, exchanged tips on client management, conference hangovers and discussed the virtues of Kurt Weill and Yochai Benkler’s Wealth of Networks. i’m sorry i haven’t been back to that coffee shop. i have to let you in on secret. well, it isn’t really […]

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20 August 2007 ~ 1 Comment

The Philadelphia Inquirer loves IndyHall

A reporter and photographer spent several hours at IndyHall this past Wednesday and the product of their work hit newsstands this past sunday morning…we’ve got a bunch of printed copies of the biz section of Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer but if you’re not near a copy (or your newsstand doesnt carry it) you can read it […]

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02 August 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Updates from the Philadelphia Front

A lot has been going on in Philadelphia! Our ever-growing group of creative and independent business people is about to come together to open our first coworking space! We have a bazillion things to do to prepare for signing our lease on August 15th (everything from space planning to purchasing equipment to scheduling broadband installations…nevermind […]

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04 May 2007 ~ 7 Comments

Philadelphia Jelly = Cream Cheese Sessions?

This is a repost from my personal blog, because I thought that the coworking community might be interested in this. I just left the inaugural session of Philadelphia Jelly coworking. As per a suggestion from Jacob Patton, with a twist from one of the participants, I am considering dubbing this Philadelphian version, Cream Cheese […]

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22 April 2007 ~ 1 Comment

CoworkingLA meetup April 24

There’s been some recent activity on the Coworking mailing list seeking support towards the establishment of a coworking space (or spaces) in LA. Heather has invited folks interested in the coworking concept to attend the 12th Geek Dinner coming up on April 24th at Shakey’s Pizza in Hollywood to discuss ways forward. Harold Johnson has […]

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21 April 2007 ~ 6 Comments

How to get involved…

Just as a refresher to those just joining us and since there were a couple of questions about this on the mailing list, here are a few ways you can get involved in the Coworking movement: Join the Google Group mailing list (and join in! ask questions!) Check out the wiki to see if someone […]

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08 April 2007 ~ Comments Off on Please fill out our coworking survey!

Please fill out our coworking survey!

Hey there! We put together a survey to see what we need to be doing/building/paving in the upcoming months to support everyone’s efforts. Please take the 10-15 minutes to fill it out: Thanks! You rock! 🙂

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29 March 2007 ~ Comments Off on Brooklyn Coworking March Open House

Brooklyn Coworking March Open House

Tired of arguing with your cat about a bad client? Wondering what is the next wave of social networking technology? Looking for an invigorating environment to call an “office?” You are invited to Brooklyn Coworking’s monthly open house and happy hour! Break free from hourly coffee purchases and grab a slice of Williamsburg’s alternative working […]

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10 March 2007 ~ Comments Off on Barcamp Austin 2 – Coworking Meeting on Saturday

Barcamp Austin 2 – Coworking Meeting on Saturday

for those of you who are at SXSW interactive and Barcamp Austin 2, TODAY (saturday) at 3.30, we’ll be meeting to talk about the coworking movement. please spread the word to your fellow attendants… Saturday, 10 March @ 3.30 pm Barcamp Austin 2 508 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX Technorati Tags: barcamp, barcamp austin, coworking, […]

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