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21 May 2012 ~ 5 Comments

The Coworking Wiki: Building The Movement Together

Post Author: Kevin Skiena. Imagine what would happen if McDonalds and Burger King shared recipes and business models, or if Comcast and Verizon viewed each other as allies in their efforts to bring cable and high-speed internet to everyone. In a capitalistic society, where competition is branded as the best way to keep prices low […]

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14 September 2010 ~ Comments Off on Wiki Cleanup Effort

Wiki Cleanup Effort

We have been making great progress cleaning up the coworking wiki and eradicating spam.  The first step is to start a moderator group that approves/denies people who would like to make edits.  This is a pretty easy step as folks who are not interested in coworking and only want to add links and such generally […]

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27 May 2008 ~ Comments Off on Werk in progress

Werk in progress

The Werks is a coworking space in Brighton & Hove (UK). It launched in January 2008 with a challenge of filling up over 6,000 sq ft of creative space – a mixture of open plan desk & coworking space, enclosed office space and the events space. There are 3 of us behind the project and […]

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10 April 2008 ~ 4 Comments

Introducing Cowo Milano (Italy).

Hi everybody, just wanted to introduce our brand new little coworking project, here in Milano: Cowo@ monkeybusiness. First of all I’d like to say that the work thas been done and shared on this blog and related wiki has been fundamental for us, so… thanks guys! We’ve been officially opened for 10 days now, and […]

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12 March 2008 ~ 6 Comments

Crazy 88s at Connecticut Coworking

One of the best Kill Bill scenes, hands down, is Beatrix fighting O-Ren Ishii’s Crazy 88s. Slight Uma Thurman in a yellow Bruce Lee jump suit slaughtering Lucy Liu’s murderous Tokyo gang of (nearly) 88 swordsthugs? Only Tarantino could pull that off.   In pulling together group88 Coworking, I feel a bit like Beatrix (with […]

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25 January 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Umbrella Offices in South Brooklyn, it’s kinda like coworking

without using the word “coworking,” umbrella office‘s founder David Krieger states his goal is “to bring people together, host meaningful seminars, speakers, dinner parties and put some art on the walls.” if you click on the Christopher Batchelder‘s profile you’ll see his goal to be “to create an innovative office-share that fosters committed, diligent and […]

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09 October 2007 ~ Comments Off on Coworking in Argentina

Coworking in Argentina

It’s been an amazing month since I started calling myself a “Space Catalyst”. I’m proud to announce the creation of a coworking space in Argentina, right in Buenos Aires city. I’ve been very happy about the response in my local community. With all the freelancers I talked to, they are all telling me that they’ll […]

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