Barcamp Austin 2 – Coworking Meeting on Saturday

for those of you who are at SXSW interactive and Barcamp Austin 2, TODAY (saturday) at 3.30, we’ll be meeting to talk about the coworking movement. please spread the word to your fellow attendants…
Saturday, 10 March @ 3.30 pm
Barcamp Austin 2
508 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX

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Green Coworking at Citizen Space

We’ve always wanted Citizen Space to be a green space — not just the walls (which they are) — but that we’d have as small a ecological footprint as possible in how we run and manage the space. And no, it’s not easy given that we work in high tech and there’s lots of disposables (like a 4′ long box that Amazon sent my new laptop in)… but I digress.

More recently I’ve become obsessed with carbon offsetting and other simple but effective ways that we continue to effectively reduce our footprint. I asked Ivan Storck, a Citizen Coworker who runs Sustainable Marketing, to write up what we’ve done so far and will be doing next:

Chris Messina has really lit a fire under my butt to get our shared “coworking” office CitizenSpace operating and certified as green. While Sustainable Marketing is already certified as a green business via the Co-Op America Green Business Network, it’s only recently that we’ve had a real office outside of my home. Now we can begin to participate in the Bay Area Green Business Program.

Some steps we’ve already taken:

  1. Ordered a full set of trash, recycling, and compost bins from our trash provider.
  2. Continuing our Renewable Energy Certificate program to offset our carbon emissions. See Sustainable Wesbsites Wind Power page for more details. We are going to extend this to the whole office in addition to Sustainable Websites.
  3. Our partner Ethotec has prototyped a green business basics class.
  4. Created a page on the Coworking Wiki to encourage other coworking spaces to be green. Feel free to add to it!
  5. When we moved into CitizenSpace Tara and Chris chose sustainable bamboo flooring and low-energy compact fluorescent light-bulbs (CFLs)
  6. Checked with our landlord on whether we had a low-flow toilet (we did!)
  7. Applied to the San Francisco Green Business Program.

And what’s next:

  1. Figuring out a strategy to deal with phantom power – all the various chargers (”do you have wall warts?!”) for our gadgets sucking up power even when they’re not charging.
  2. Encouraging other technology businesses to go green and devising innovative programs to accomplish this.

So, you can of course contribute on the wiki or leave your thoughts here on how we can bake green principles and practices into the coworking movement.

Historical Collaboration

“The Junto was a club established in 1727 by Benjamin Franklin for mutual improvement.”

Sound familiar? I’m really excited about the interest in coworking that I’ve been able to generate here in Philadelphia. I’ve got a couple of agencies that are interested in sharing space with indies, and some potential dedicated-space opportunities. At the rate I’ve been getting feedback on the website I created for Independents Hall, I’m confident that after some meetup events, and maybe one or two more successful ‘Camps(if not sooner), we will have a good start to an established collective of indies here in Philadelphia.

Also exciting is the interest from one of the cities oldest running New Media organizations, PANMA. PANMA has spent the last 10 years representing the regions digital development community. I’ve spoken with a couple of their board members, and one even proposed that I think about joining the board and launching coworking with the support of PANMA.

At this point, my biggest concern isn’t getting people, it isn’t all of the administrative tasks involved with running a space (though thats pretty high on the list, I’m confident the tool being built by the guys up in NYC will help), my biggest concern is funding. I’m considering approaching Ben Franklin Technology Partners for a grant since this seems to be right up their alley. I’m of the conviction that if I can build it, they will come.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming out of Philadelphia.

-Alex [dangerouslyawesome (at) gmail (dot) com]

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brooklyn coworking – anniversaries, upgrades and new friends!


this month celebrates six months of brooklyn coworking!! not only have they upgraded their space with bookshelves and a super plush couch, but they are looking for new friends. located in the gallery space of Not an Alternative / The Change You Want to See at 84 havemeyer, just a stones throw from L, G, and J/M/Z and surround by the best watering holes, brooklyn coworking always features a “mad-productive work ethic with the occasional look what i found on youtube thrown in”…

current rates…

  • 2-3 days/wk = $150
  • 4 days/wk = $175
  • 5 days/wk = $200

for more information or if you are interested in stopping by and working for a day, email beka at [email protected] and bring your laptop!

photo by noneckphoto history of brooklyn coworkingcross posted at

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The Hive Cooperative – an idea for Denver Coworking

Andrew Luter, a Denver based technology misfit, has laid out an all inclusive coworking ideal – the hive – not just a modern internet-cafe, not just a share office space, but a professional working environment embody in a sweet narrative and well laid out wiki. Should you be in Denver or if you are looking to start a coworking space, Andrew’s has a good pulse on creating the contextual elements.

This article is cross-posted on, and mad-props to s.s. trudeau for the link.

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Hat Factory open house party

San Francisco coworking space The Hat Factory is having an open house party next Wednesday, February the 28th:

Coworking is having an open house, and you’re invited!

Been wondering what all the buzz about coworking is about?

Tired of fighting for desk space at coffee shops like Ritual House Coffee Roasters?

Are you self-employed and miss community and structure in your work life?

If so, then it’s time to start the New Year right and give coworking a try!

What is Coworking? Coworking is a non-profit, cafe-like community and collaboration space for developers, writers and independents. Grassroots coworking spaces are popping up all over the world, from New York City, to Paris, to our very own San Francisco.

On February 28, Wednesday, the Hat Factory Coworking space in San Francisco is throwing its doors open to welcome interested folks who want to give us a try, for free. Come and work with us during the day, from 11 AM to 5:00 PM.
Bring your laptop and that manuscript, screenplay, or killer app you’ve been working on and leave the crowded, loud coffee shops behind.

We’ll also be cooking a big meal starting around 5pm with free dinner served after 6pm. Come and eat with us! We’ll have a projector set up so everyone can show off their work.

Coworking office in Palo Alto

SocialText Office 2.0

Ross Mayfield, CEO of wiki company SocialText, recently blogged about his company’s expansion into the recently vacated bob and bob location on High Street in Palo Alto.

Besides a venue for hosting events like their recent Wikithon and the more regular Wiki Wednesdays, Ross is also considering turning the space into an open coworking facility for space- and socially-starved independents and mobile work warriors.

If you’re somewhere in the peninsula or would like a convenient drop-in workspace close to University Ave. in Palo Alto, drop Ross a note.

coworking finds an compatriot in nyc

WOW! it looks like a fellow new yorker & buckeye is coming to the right track… today, Nate Westheimer posted cafeBricolage — The NYC Solution is a Hot-plate… i’m so excited to see others thinking along the same lines… the following is my comment, and cross posted at

nate, this is great… i’m glad to see that you are coming to the same conclusion many of us have been working on for many months… we already have a small space in brooklyn, and several spaces through out the world. SF and Vancouver have the most vibrant spaces, and the paris space is going to be awesome!

through here in nyc, my self and a few others have been working hard – coworking, barcamp/drupalcamps/rootscamp, and blogging liberally – to extend the notion of a progressive new york city…

it’s great to see, fellow nextNY are finally coming to the right track. i guess it’s time to finally let the cat out of the bag and tell you for the past few months, i’ve been working with the tank, a creative arts space in tribeca, and we have the framework for the location AND A PHYSICAL LOCATION!!!

roughly, we need 5 people who are willing to shepherd the opening and closing of the tank, and VOLA! you have a access to programming and happy hours at the tank. more details to be ironed out in person…

i won’t argue about names or wether or not this is a brand spanking new idea. these are great thoughts that i’m finally happy to see them receive greater acceptance. you have no clue how hard it’s been to talk to fellow nextNY’ers and meetup attendants about coworking/cafeBrickologe…

i’m currently in geneva for LIFT and will be back on sunday. the tank and i are planning on having a happy hour to discuss this space and many other ideas in the next two weeks.

come join the ongoing discussion on our global email list.