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21 October 2015 ~ Comments Off on Preview “Cowork City” – A short film about three coworkers and their stories

Preview “Cowork City” – A short film about three coworkers and their stories

Howdy, folks! If you were at GCUC USA in Berkeley this year, you likely saw Perttu and his camera following folks around conducting interviews. Now, you can get a peek at one of the projects he’s been working on. Check the trailer here: Cowork City – Trailer from perttu salovaara on Vimeo. Stay tuned for more […]

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09 December 2014 ~ Comments Off on CoWORK Episode 1 – The Dog days of the Entrepreneur

CoWORK Episode 1 – The Dog days of the Entrepreneur

Post Author: Chris. That building in your town, with lots of people coming in and out, working on tables and chairs, or even small offices.  Everybody wants to know what it is all about. So how do you explain it? The truth is, that its just like any other office…. but filled with people, who […]

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01 December 2010 ~ Comments Off on 3 Things Windows 7 Can Teach Us About Coworking

3 Things Windows 7 Can Teach Us About Coworking

By Angel Kwiatkowski Microsoft recently released a series of commercials intended to extol the virtues of Windows 7, Windows Live, and “the Cloud.” Although they might not have intended it, I think this commercial includes some interesting commentary on the evolution of work that is rather pertinent to the coworking community. Watch below and I’ll […]

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31 August 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Four Questions With Gerard Sychay of Cincinnati Coworks

Author: @GoneCoworking is the adventure of Beth and Eric, two crazy kids traveling the country to prove that it really is possible to be a location independent freelancer! The coworking community provides a unique opportunity for traveling telecommuters/freelancers/business owners to have a professional workspace and remain connected with their peers while away from home. Here’s an […]

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27 November 2008 ~ 4 Comments

What does coworking do for me. A video interview from Italy.

After a few months of activity @ cowo milano, I finally managed to do something I’ve been trying to do for a long time: a video interview with a coworker, having him say what it’s like. As I imagined, there’s nothing like the real thing… Davide tells the story in a way that couldn’be done […]

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25 November 2008 ~ Comments Off on Conjunctured on MSNBC!

Conjunctured on MSNBC!

I’m a bit late on posting this, but Austin coworking space Conjunctured was spotlighted recently on a segment on coworking on MSNBC. Don Teague did an awesome job putting this together, and we’re very grateful for the coverage. Check it out on MSNBC’s website.

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30 June 2008 ~ 2 Comments

Quick update from Cowo Milano, Italy.

Hi everybody! As summer steps in, coworkers seem to step out, here in Milano… In fact, even if we are full booked at the moment (5 desks), we haven’t had much attendance in the office these past weeks, and I wonder if the season has something to do with it. Furthermore, August is a month […]

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13 May 2008 ~ 4 Comments

It happens in Milano.

44 days afrter opening, Cowo Milano sees some interesting facts happening. 1- Mostly small groups seem to be interested in our coworking initiative. First a group of architects, then a group of 4 designers, then again 3 professionals… it made us think. Having 5 desks to offer, would we rather go for a rather nice […]

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28 June 2007 ~ 14 Comments

Accelerating serendipity with coworking

[podtech content= &totalTime=392000&breadcrumb=540a73bf84e742e09e6063c7dd021a17] Jay Dedman and Ryan Hodson are founding coworking community members who have been instrumental in spreading the word, turning the Hat Factory into a vlogger haven and generally being model coworkers. They recently produced a video with interview snippets from me, Tara and Brad. It’s a great example of how we’re serving […]

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27 June 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Coworking Video!

[podtech content=]Thanks to Ryanne & Jay, co-founders of The Hat Factory! They did an awesome job capturing why Coworking is very different from the idea of just shared office space.

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