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Jelly on NPR!

by superamit ~ September 26, 2007 ~ 5 Comments

NPR did a segment on our our casual coworking event Jelly recently during Morning Edition! — Working from Home Turns Social with the Internet (MP3 version) Several new Jellies are starting up all over. Visit the Jelly Wiki to sign up for Jelly in Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Tel Aviv, DC, and Delhi or to start […]

21 Sept. an invite to brooklyn coworking’s metamorphosed location

by noneck ~ September 20, 2007 ~ Comments Off on 21 Sept. an invite to brooklyn coworking’s metamorphosed location

dear fellow NYC freelancer, it’s been a while since we shared the wifi-hotspot-double-mocha-frappa-whatchamacallit, exchanged tips on client management, conference hangovers and discussed the virtues of Kurt Weill and Yochai Benkler’s Wealth of Networks. i’m sorry i haven’t been back to that coffee shop. i have to let you in on secret. well, it isn’t really […]

future coworking software and the importance of community

by noneck ~ August 27, 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Click To Play after helping fortify the idea of coworking in NYC, i’ve set forth to travel the world and meet fellow coworkers. here’s just a few minutes with christopher aguiton, one of the Parisian coworking/barcamp leaders. if you have a chance, also check out my interview with two freelancers in berlin.

The Philadelphia Inquirer loves IndyHall

by Alex Hillman ~ August 20, 2007 ~ 1 Comment

A reporter and photographer spent several hours at IndyHall this past Wednesday and the product of their work hit newsstands this past sunday morning…we’ve got a bunch of printed copies of the biz section of Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer but if you’re not near a copy (or your newsstand doesnt carry it) you can read it […]

Let’s walk through through IndyHall together!

by Alex Hillman ~ August 17, 2007 ~ Comments Off on Let’s walk through through IndyHall together!

We shot a little video earlier this week and I finally figured out how to cut together some stuff in iMovieHD. Check it out, and leave comments/tags! Oh…sorry about the fact that I’m talking crazy-fast…I’ve been drinking a LOT of coffee! [viddler id=40e87a66&h=437&w=370] We’ve been open all week for free use. Our internet was spotty […]

Citizen Desk Now Open

by citizendesk ~ August 13, 2007 ~ 9 Comments

Who would have thought a small town in central Wisconsin would be on the cusp of Co-Working? After a few months of contracting in San Francisco, I was inspired by the “goings on” at Citizen Space. The energy and camaraderie was something missed here, so I decided to create my own “nice place to work” […]

Updates from the Philadelphia Front

by Alex Hillman ~ August 2, 2007 ~ 2 Comments

A lot has been going on in Philadelphia! Our ever-growing group of creative and independent business people is about to come together to open our first coworking space! We have a bazillion things to do to prepare for signing our lease on August 15th (everything from space planning to purchasing equipment to scheduling broadband installations…nevermind […]

Berkeley Coworking Open House & Office Warming

by ChristopherA ~ July 30, 2007 ~ 6 Comments

This Friday, August 3rd, we are having an office warming and open house at our new Berkeley Coworking site at 2930 Shattuck Suite 305 (cross-street Ashby and near Asby BART Google Map & Street View) in Berkeley, across the bridge from San Francisco. We will starting at 6pm until probably 10pm. Please RSVP at Upcoming. […]

Coworking in East Village (cooperBricolage)

by Sanford Dickert ~ July 25, 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Hey all – been working up a storm here in the East Village setting up the new coworking space in Manhattan at Cafe Fuego (located on 9 St Marks Place, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue). In the past three days, we’ve had a number of people stop by and sit – the staff at Fuego […]

Coworking around the world, via Noel(noneck)

by Alex Hillman ~ July 22, 2007 ~ Comments Off on Coworking around the world, via Noel(noneck)

Back in May, Noel Hidalgo shot some footage of Jelly in NYC (recently featured in Wired along with our Philadelphia verison). [ ?posts_id=231491&dest=-1] Now while on his ’round the world journey which he’s blogging at , he’s continuing that tradition of interviewing people about their coworking and web working experiences. He just posted a […]