[email protected] featured in Vancouver Sun

Since we announced we would be converting the main floor of 163 East Pender into a space welcoming to coworkers we’ve received a lot of support both in social and now in traditional media.  Gillian Shaw wrote about our coworking space as well as about the other programs and services offered by Building Opportunities with Business in Monday’s Vancouver Sun.

We signed up a couple new coworkers yesterday but we still have lots of room and are not near our cashflow positive number of twenty coworkers.  We are also getting a lot of enquiries about renting the entire space during the Olympics.  It has been taken. As part of our efforts to revitalize Vancouver’s historic Chinatown and to encourage Olympic visitors to walk three blocks East of Stadium Skytrain station we’re going to have an official art installation in our space.  It will be open to the public and created jobs for two or three locals as greeters.

Christmas at coworking@BOB

Unfortunantly it is basically forcing our coworkers, who want to work during February, upstairs.  BOB has a number of spare desks and will add more to the 2nd floor of 163 East Pender.  To offset the Olympic inconviences and to entice professionals and non-profits to consider making [email protected] their new home, we’re offering January and February for free if they are willing to sign up for a six month stint with the first payment due March 1st 2010.

We’ve continued to improve the space.  We’ve added some storage lockers which will be available to coworkers for a small aditional fee.  This compliments our other lockable storage options of desks drawers and filing cabinets.  All coworkers will get a cubby (shelf space) and there is plenty of storage for kitchen supplies as well as our loading bay for bikes and what not.

We’ll get some more pictures of the space up on our Flickr account that were taken during our Christmas Open House, in the mean time some were posted by AHA Media.