coworking finds an compatriot in nyc

WOW! it looks like a fellow new yorker & buckeye is coming to the right track… today, Nate Westheimer posted cafeBricolage — The NYC Solution is a Hot-plate… i’m so excited to see others thinking along the same lines… the following is my comment, and cross posted at

nate, this is great… i’m glad to see that you are coming to the same conclusion many of us have been working on for many months… we already have a small space in brooklyn, and several spaces through out the world. SF and Vancouver have the most vibrant spaces, and the paris space is going to be awesome!

through here in nyc, my self and a few others have been working hard – coworking, barcamp/drupalcamps/rootscamp, and blogging liberally – to extend the notion of a progressive new york city…

it’s great to see, fellow nextNY are finally coming to the right track. i guess it’s time to finally let the cat out of the bag and tell you for the past few months, i’ve been working with the tank, a creative arts space in tribeca, and we have the framework for the location AND A PHYSICAL LOCATION!!!

roughly, we need 5 people who are willing to shepherd the opening and closing of the tank, and VOLA! you have a access to programming and happy hours at the tank. more details to be ironed out in person…

i won’t argue about names or wether or not this is a brand spanking new idea. these are great thoughts that i’m finally happy to see them receive greater acceptance. you have no clue how hard it’s been to talk to fellow nextNY’ers and meetup attendants about coworking/cafeBrickologe…

i’m currently in geneva for LIFT and will be back on sunday. the tank and i are planning on having a happy hour to discuss this space and many other ideas in the next two weeks.

come join the ongoing discussion on our global email list.



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