Let’s walk through through IndyHall together!

We shot a little video earlier this week and I finally figured out how to cut together some stuff in iMovieHD.

Check it out, and leave comments/tags! Oh…sorry about the fact that I’m talking crazy-fast…I’ve been drinking a LOT of coffee!

[viddler id=40e87a66&h=437&w=370]

We’ve been open all week for free use. Our internet was spotty since we were borrowing a connection from a neighbor until today, when we had our DSL line installed. On Wedneday, we had 15 people working from the Hall and the Philadelphia Inquirer spent about 4 hours here interviewing and taking pictures.

Tonight, just 5 days after our first day in the new office, we’re having our first official event, a brainstorming session organized by one of our members for his client. We’ll be videotaping that as well, so expect o see that posted to the IndyHall site.

We currently have 15 desks and chairs put together, and next week will be fitting out our lounge and conference room.  If all goes well, we have a good deal on digital projectors and other office equipment like that.

We’ve got a lot of donated gear too, from furniture and items for the kitchen, lounge, and office supply closet to a recovered server rack for our networking set up.

Our free use will roll into membership driven use on September first, but not without a big bash! Keep an eye on our Upcoming Event and RSVP if you’d like to attend the social event. We’ll have an open house all day, and in the early evening we’ll switch over to reception mode, crack open some champagne, and toast, before heading over to our partner bar less than a block away. I hope to see lots of people on the 1st, it’s going to be awesome!