SXSW and crying babies

Hi Again from Austin,
So excited that coworking will be repped at SXSW. I’ve been attending and participating in the festival since 1993ish and have paneled a few times, including the first year they offered an interactive component. For those of you attending, please do give us all a shout when you’re getting ready to come down. I might even be able to help with housing which is a scarcity when five billion people descend upon this city in March.

My latest post at is regarding setting policy prior to opening to try to make the place what we’d like it to be from the get-go. Specifically, we’re addressing the issue of a no-baby-policy, not to be exclusive in a mean-spirited way, but to keep the sound level appropriate for coworkers. Please take a minute to post your thoughts on the subject when you get a chance.