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For the longest time, many of us in the coworking movement have been emphasizing the fact that coworking is about more than renting workspace—but if that’s the care, what is it about?

We believe that, at its core, true coworking is an act of gathering with intention.

People working alongside one another in a shared space, but people who meet specifically to support one another is even better!

To that end, we’re highlighting coworking communities that are offering programs that invite people to gather and support one another.

If you’re running a program in January 2018 that people should know about, add it to our directory using this form.

We’ll publish it in one big digest, so we can raise awareness of all the good things people are organizing out there and, perhaps, start to shift the perception of what membership in a coworking community is really about.

If you’re not currently running a program but would like to, we’ll have free templates for you!

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