LaunchPad Coworking in Austin Signs a Lease

Y’all– after looking at a number of options, we found the perfect place and signed a lease. LaunchPad Coworking opens this summer. Meanwhile, we were more than a little happy to release the following announcement:

Julie Gomoll
LaunchPad Coworking

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press kit:

Released: AUSTIN, TEXAS, February 11, 2008

You’ve been asking — Is LaunchPad Coworking real? Where is it located? How can I find it? When can I start coworking in Austin already?

We are more than a little happy to announce that after months of searching and planning, we have inked a lease, and it’s in the perfect location.

Ladies and gentlemen, telecommuters and mobile workers, creatives and visionaries of all disciplines … Welcome to LaunchPad Coworking. One small step for knowledge workers, one giant leap for coworking in Austin.

LaunchPad Coworking will open this summer in Brazos Place, a fabulous multiuse building at 800 Brazos Street. More specifically: 30.27 longitude, –97.74 latitude. Put that in your geodata pipe and smoke it.

Why are we so happy with these digs?

• We’re in the heart of downtown Austin.
• We have 4200 square feet of space to play with. Plus a spacious mixed-use lobby.
• Murray Legge of LZT Architects is designing the space.
• We have great neighbors: Baby Greens and Anthony Nak.
• We’re right across from a UPS store.
• The Omni is within spitting distance.
• The Paramount Theater is around the corner.
• There’s tons of public parking, metered parking, and Brazos Place has valet parking.
• And of course: bike racks.
• We’re bringing fiber-optic connectivity right to the desk! Talk about fast and secure.

We hope our new lease will become your new lease on a non-isolating work life. Can’t wait to work with you.

About LaunchPad Coworking

LaunchPad Coworking is a unique combination of workspace and cafe where mobile workers work together, collaboratively or privately, with meeting rooms and individual desks available by the hour, ergonomic chairs, ample power outlets, and secure fiberoptic internet access. The coworking model encourages the free flow of projects and ideas, with the belief that when we work together, we work smarter.