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26 September 2007 ~ 5 Comments

Jelly on NPR!

NPR did a segment on our our casual coworking event Jelly recently during Morning Edition! — Working from Home Turns Social with the Internet (MP3 version) Several new Jellies are starting up all over. Visit the Jelly Wiki to sign up for Jelly in Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Tel Aviv, DC, and Delhi or to start […]

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20 August 2007 ~ 1 Comment

The Philadelphia Inquirer loves IndyHall

A reporter and photographer spent several hours at IndyHall this past Wednesday and the product of their work hit newsstands this past sunday morning…we’ve got a bunch of printed copies of the biz section of Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer but if you’re not near a copy (or your newsstand doesnt carry it) you can read it […]

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27 June 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Coworking Video!

[podtech content=]Thanks to Ryanne & Jay, co-founders of The Hat Factory! They did an awesome job capturing why Coworking is very different from the idea of just shared office space.

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21 May 2007 ~ 6 Comments

NY Post Article: Creating a Wireless Hub

“It’s impossible to go through life with blinders on in New York City,” says Economopoulos. “You have to figure out how to live with millions of other people. That’s what coworking is about.” when elliot winard transplanted himself to nyc, not only did he find a new city, but a new community of like minded […]

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11 March 2007 ~ 3 Comments

The cult of the bedouin hacker

Dan Fost of the SF Chronicle has been following coworking for some time and today has a cover story on the neo-nomads stalking out free wifi and power in San Francisco. While the article gives a good overview of the culture of independents working out of cafes that lead to coworking, he conspicuously makes no […]

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26 February 2007 ~ 2 Comments

coworking in

Where the Coffee Shop Meets the Cubicle by Kerry Miller Coworking facilities blend the appeal of an independent environment with many of the advantages of the traditional office. brief excerpt… Over the past few years, coworking facilities—both grassroots, co-op-like versions and for-profit models—have started popping up across the country and the world, from Seattle to […]

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