Coworking Manhattan

Panorama of CoworkingNYC
photo of eastmedia’s offices by noneck

three weeks after our initial barcamp nyc 2 conversation, Jeffrey Ng & Matthew Pelletier of eastmedia have decided to open their company’s doors for a weekly session of Coworking in Manhattan. situated just a few blocks away from amit gupta‘s original coworking sessions, aka jelly – Coworking Manhattan is already affectionally titled the whip.

the doors are always open to all! one of our goals is to facilitate a weekly session of interested parties in a more formal space. check out the coworking manhattan wiki and consider joining us next tuesday, 24 october 2006!

Hello World!

Hi everyone! Brad here; just doing a test post to make sure I can post to the blog. This blog has several different authors, like Chris.

There is lots of great activity happening around coworking; we already have two spaces here in San Francisco, one called The Hat Factory over in Dog Patch and another called Teh Space downtown. Noel’s been moving and shaking to get coworking spaces setup in Manhattan; there are two independent groups working on creating spaces in Paris; and groups all around the U.S. are putting together groups.

CoworkingManhattan Dinner

Noel’s been rocking the NYC Coworking effort and as his latest effort, he’s throwing together a Coworking NYC Dinner:

  • How much do you love your independent office/work environment?
  • Love working from the confines of your cramped studio?
  • Love the $10 mocha/matte/frappe/whatchamacallit?
  • Love the sound of a clanking espresso machine?
  • Love the fight for an electrical outlet and WiFi Connectivity?

Yeah, nor do we… come join us for coworking!

What is coworking?
…it is a cafe-like community/collaboration space for developers, writers and independents.

Currently we have coworking spots in mid-town and brooklyn. Now we want to open a coworking spot in lower manhattan (ie below 14th street).

Come join us Friday, 13 Oct, for a meet and greet with food, drinks
and free flowing conversations. Starting at 7pm, we’ll be meeting at
Congee Village Restaurant & Bar -100 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002

To get involved, take the following steps…

  1. RSVP on the Coworking Wiki for Friday, 13 October @ 7pm Congee Village Restaurant & Bar – 100 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002
  2. Join the Coworking Google List
  3. Blog it with the tag “