Coworking Open House

We’re having an open house, and you’re invited!

Been wondering what all the buzz about coworking is about?

Tired of fighting for desk space at coffee shops like Ritual House Coffee Roasters?

Are you self-employed and miss community and structure in your work life?

If so, then it’s time to start the New Year right and give coworking a try!

What is Coworking? Coworking is cafe-like community and collaboration space for developers, writers and independents. Grassroots coworking spaces are popping up all over the world, from New York City, to Paris, to our very own San Francisco.

On January 3rd, Wednesday, the Hat Factory Coworking space in San Francisco is throwing its doors open to welcome interested folks who want to give us a try, for free. Come and work with us during the day, from 11 AM to 5:00 PM. Bring your laptop and that manuscript, screenplay, or killer app you’ve been working on and leave the crowded, loud coffee shops behind.

You’ll be joining a zoo of interesting people: videobloggers, writers, artists, programmers, marketers, filmmakers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, freelancers, project managers, photoeditors, consultants, and you.

When you join the Hat Factory Coworking space you get:
* community
* a low monthly rate
* kitchen
* free wifi
* printers
* coffee
* beer-o-clock
* quiet spaces to work in
* networking and expertise
* interesting people

If you have questions feel free to email us at [email protected]

The details:
When: Jan 3rd, 2007, Wednesday, 11AM – 5PM
Where: Hat Factory, 801 Minnesota St., #8, San Francisco Map
Cost: Free

Want more info?

Check out the Hat Factory web site:
See the Coworking Wiki:
See the Coworking Blog:
See the event post on Upcomming:

the new coworking domain –

as a holiday gift to the coworking community, we now have a new top level domain!


Blog – Coworking Blog –
Wiki – Coworking Wiki –

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be investigating hosted email solutions and subdomains. If you are intersted in a specialized sub-domain (i.e. that points to Please contact NoNeckNoel

NYC Holiday Party & Creative Commons Birthday Bash

come one, come all – it’s nyc’s coworking holiday happy hour & creative commons birthday party!

as our first holiday season rolls around, we’re on the verge of introducing TWO FULL TIME coworking locations! one of the locations, the Tank, can’t wait to get us through their doors for social libations. Collocated in Tribeca with Collective Unconscious, The Tank is a space for performing and visual arts. Their focus – emerging performers, designers, writers, directors, producers – AND soon YOU!!!

this friday, 15 December 2007, join us at 279 Church Street, Manhattan. starting at 5 pm and ending at 7 pm, the Tank will have every reason for you to close your browser window and jump into Tribeca.

at 7 pm, we’ll head north to visit eyebeam and our creative commons friends. can you believe that it’s only been four years since creative commons inception? in true organic style, this is a global event – eyebeam (540 West 21st St, NYC) is just one of the venues!

ps – if your city isn’t listed and you want to host a party, just edit the creative commons wiki!


Coworking in Seattle

I’ve been following the growth of coworking for a little while now. Watching as more and more cities pop up on the list and the wiki, I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring. My firm, CivicActions is a totally virtual company with no offices anywhere. I have been working from Seattle, mostly, over the last few months, and have decided I need to get out of the house. Unfortunately I am addicted to a second monitor and averse to the sound of coffee grinders and loud cell phone talkers making the cafe circuit and impractical solution for me.

Today I started looking for suitable spaces to start a coworking space. I have found two with promise, so far. I need coworkers though! I figure that $100 a month is about what coworking is worth to me, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. I’ve got a few potential office spaces in this one location in Fremont that would work if there were 5 to 10 people willing to pay in monthly for a space.

Some details on the space: 450 sqr ft in an office building, it’s divided into 3 rooms, 2 that are like “private” offices (with windows to the outside and frosted windows to the inside) and then one large room that is interior only. Rent: about $600 a month on a month to month lease, all utils except internet are included. I’d estimate $60 for internet monthly from We’d probably need to paint and get some furniture, so there might be an “initiation” fee to raise that capital. I know I am getting ahead of myself, but this is how serious I am about getting this going.

All I need are some people! So if you know of anyone in the Seattle area who might be interested in a full time, or part time coworking arrangement, send them my way! Fremont is in northern Seattle. This place is on 40th street and Aurora (hwy 99), a 10 minute walk from lots of shops, a few minutes walk from some buses and Fremont Ave.

See the wiki for these same details and to add your ideas and thoughts.

Coworking in Toronto

2 new coworking facilities: Centre for Social Innovation Suite 400 and The Indoor Playground are set to open in Toronto in early 2007.

Indoor Playground - Centre for Innovation

The Indoor Playground is a coworking facility lead by Mark Dowds and Bobby John at CreationStep. The facilities are located in a . CreationStep is self-described as Infrastructure for Startups and includes outsourced administration, software development, training, video production, amongst other services and now a coworking space.

Suite 400 - Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation in partnership with Urban Space Property Group are opening the doors on a 10,000 square foot coworking facility located in Suite 400 at 215 Spadina Avenue in Toronto. The space is expected to have a mix of permanent office space, permanent desk space, and a number of hot desks. Details about space including pricing is available. The Centre for Social Innovation will be hosting a series of Information Sessions:

Informaiton Session will share the vision, explain the office pricing options, show the new space. RSVP your attendance with Maria Pazo.

Coworking in Second Life

Coworking in Second Life

Vadim Zaliva reported that a coworking has been set up in Second Life (wiki page).

Of course, we’ve previously passed around the idea of having a virtual space that people could exist in while working at a physical space in the coworking community, but it was thought to be more of a webcam directory rather than a Second Life world.

However, another option could be to map existing real spaces to rooms in the virtual building, and people working could express their physical presence by
“taking a seat”.

Remote workers not at a shared coworking space 1RL could still get the benefit of the community by hanging out in 2L. We could totally mix it up — and it just might be interesting to augment RL with 2L connections.

The Human Workplace

My thesis is that just as the advent of the steam engine eventually turned all our organizations into quasi machines and turned most people into helpless zombies, so the advent of the web has the power to restore our metaphor of the organization to the Tribe and hence has the power also to transform us poor old zombies back into autonomous human beings again.

Robert Paterson, via Steven Garrity.

Invitation to Share Workspace in San Francisco

Hello everybody from the coworking list and wiki and beyond. I’m opening Plan Resonate studio to a few people. My plan is to continue organizing a community of people to occasionally share the space at 26th & Alabama in San Francisco. Many colleagues and friends have come through this year, and it’s been good fun. I’ve decided to expand the space and invite more people.

Details and pictures of the space are available on the Plan Resonate blog. Please check it out and contact me if you’re interested. Thanks!

Jeff Osborne

Coworking Manhattan

Panorama of CoworkingNYC
photo of eastmedia’s offices by noneck

three weeks after our initial barcamp nyc 2 conversation, Jeffrey Ng & Matthew Pelletier of eastmedia have decided to open their company’s doors for a weekly session of Coworking in Manhattan. situated just a few blocks away from amit gupta‘s original coworking sessions, aka jelly – Coworking Manhattan is already affectionally titled the whip.

the doors are always open to all! one of our goals is to facilitate a weekly session of interested parties in a more formal space. check out the coworking manhattan wiki and consider joining us next tuesday, 24 october 2006!