Need Anchors for Coworking Space in Berkeley, CA

(cross posted on the coworking list)

I have found a prospective site in Berkeley, CA to convert into a small, Citizen Space-sized, coworking office, with room for about 7-8 anchors, and about 400 square ft of meeting/conference room/mashpit common space (good for sessions up to about 25 people). It is near the corner of Shattuck and Ashby in South Berkeley, about two blocks from Ashby BART and Berkeley Bowl, or about 15 blocks south of Berkley BART and the vibrant downtown area.

The space is currently tenanted by a technology company that is undergoing changes and is interested in the coworking concept — they want two of the anchor desks, and they already have the lease. I have a lot of nice rolling whitewalls, chairs, and other furniture from Consensus/Alacrity/Skotos, so all we really need to do is buy some common desks (Ikea) and do some cleanup and maybe some painting.

If you are interested in being an anchor (i.e. have dedicated desk/file area, a key to get in at all hours, free to schedule conference room area) it looks like a share will be about $400.00 a month, with a deposit of whatever it costs to buy your desk ;-). With the existing tenant wanting two desks, and one for my myself, that leaves 5 anchor spots available. If we can get one or two more people commit to being an anchor, we could move in possibly later this month!

Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested or want more information.