Coworking in East Village (cooperBricolage)

Hey all – been working up a storm here in the East Village setting up the new coworking space in Manhattan at Cafe Fuego (located on 9 St Marks Place, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue).

Second dayIn the past three days, we’ve had a number of people stop by and sit – the staff at Fuego are incredibly nice – and have been incredibly giving to our endeavour.

We now have two DSL lines connected for our wiki – one for the back of the space and one for the front – so that people who need bandwidth can be supported. Power is readily available – and people in the past three days have really been helpful in terms of the concept and each other.

Traffic is growing – and Fuego is happy to support the effort that they are offering free coffee, tea and juice (limonade) for our community for the next two days. You can order off the full menu – and there are spaces for outside people to come in and work/eat/catch up with you – away from your workspace.

We are negotiating with a UPS Store to offer virtual mailboxes and waiting for one of our sponsors to provide a printer and wireless router (due next week). Aside from that, the space is gorgeous and things are moving forward. Please come by and tell us what you think.

First Day at cooperBricolageNext week, we are moving to a paid model – to offset the price for wifi and such. If you have any experience in creating effective pricing models, the team here at CB are always willing to listen. We originally thought somewhere around $20/day for drop-ins with a heavy discount for multiple day/advance purchases. Any thoughts?

If you wish to see our daily progress, we are on PBWiki at (thanks to Dave Weekly!) Come on by and tell us what you think.

UPDATE: the CooBric Committee has put up a blog at (or – please come by and enjoy the conversation.



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