Crazy 88s at Connecticut Coworking

One of the best Kill Bill scenes, hands down, is Beatrix fighting O-Ren Ishii’s Crazy 88s. Slight Uma Thurman in a yellow Bruce Lee jump suit slaughtering Lucy Liu’s murderous Tokyo gang of (nearly) 88 swordsthugs? Only Tarantino could pull that off.group88_logo_web.jpg


In pulling together group88 Coworking, I feel a bit like Beatrix (with a few pounds plus, unfortunately) surrounded by the scary loomingness of potential defeat. Like Beatrix, I have been training for the challenge – learning from other coworker masters, conquering hesitation by coworking in other spots, networking like crazy (possibly 88+ times since last August) and agonizing over my revenge tactics for terminating the pains of solitary confinement for independents in the ‘burbs.

I’m sure we’ll have many more challenges on our journey. One out of three people I talk to about coworking, usually respond with “Cowhatting?” Yet, there are tons of solos in our little creative and hopping corner of Connecticut. There is nothing like our space in this area.

Will flexible membership, free coffee and a 5-minute walk by Rails to Trails for sushi be enough to bring folks in? Only time will tell. I’m sure we’ll have 88 more challenges ahead, but I’m ready. Yellow jumpsuit not required, but in consideration.



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