It happens in Milano.

44 days afrter opening, Cowo Milano sees some interesting facts happening.

1- Mostly small groups seem to be interested in our coworking initiative. First a group of architects, then a group of 4 designers, then again 3 professionals… it made us think. Having 5 desks to offer, would we rather go for a rather nice monthly income, settled for a long time (all of them needed a place for the long run) and practically abandon the coworking idea, or refuse these offers to stick to a more open way, allowing only single or mini-teams of professionals, and leaving the coworking door open? Well, we chose the latter, both because we want to give a try to coworking (otherwise we wouldn’t be here) and also because we don’t feel like hosting groups that are larger than ours (we are 3).

2 – Coworking is raising interest in the italian media. On radio and national press (D di Repubblica recently published an article about cw, I’m trying to find it to post it). A couple of journalist have called to get info and get in touch for future interviews.

3 – Coworkers are finding us. Actually we have two regulars (a yacht designer and a new media consultant) and a third one should arrive in the next few days. All of them are interested in staying for a medium-range period and maybe longer.

4 – I really wanted a video to show what the Cowo is like, so ? pikced up the videocamera and did it. Here it is. Ciao from the Cowo!




4 thoughts on “It happens in Milano.”

  1. Hey,
    I subscribe to your blog. That video was nice (I happen to really like coldplay though!). There’s a nice co-working spot down the block from my office, called Blank Spaces (Los Angeles). I think it has similar difficulties although my last visit made me think that business is starting to pick up for them. I wish I had the means to start one too. Still pondering on it.

    What means of advertising are you guys employing?


  2. ciao krys!

    thank you for your subscription.

    actually we are enjoyng a good of attention, having three full time coworkers, and occasional call/visits from people who maybe interested in the future (a novelist showed up today!).

    but you are right in evaluating the business side very carefully. We do not rely on coworking revenues, we had an office before starting, which belongs to us, and happens to be oversize for our regular advertising team (just three), so we thought coworking could be nice to:

    a. exchange views and experiences
    b. get some bill-paying money (that’s what it is, bill-paying money)

    I find the discussion *profit vs. nonprofit* very interesting on this blog, and we are making up our own opinion… will get back on this.

    As to advertising, we are trying adwords (if 43 clicks in a month mean anything…) but it’s mostly word-of-mouth.

    And Coldplay soundtrack was – of course – “in my place”…


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