On coworking sustainability, urban workstyles and business model.

I’d like to share these views on coworking, with this presentation to be held in Florence, Italy, on Oct. 15th @Festival della Creatività.

Cowo® is the network of 21 spaces (and counting!) that is spreading around in the country since February 2009.

In particular, what I’d like to discuss is the “business sustainable” model we are trying to leverage, keeping break-even point to zero by exploiting existing spaces.

In other words, we are working on the consideration that opening cw spaces inside existing offices and keeping it very basic is a 100% revenue activity.

Thank you in advance for your attention and comments!

[slideshare id=2197582&doc=cowocarraro-091012081736-phpapp02]



3 thoughts on “On coworking sustainability, urban workstyles and business model.”

  1. Great presentation Massimo!

    Losts of good ideas in there and your network of existing spaces really has me thinking. Thanks for posting the slides.

    So how did the presentation go?

  2. I would like to follow the advice and announce and document our space tranistion on this website. But it doesn’t always load and even though I have a WordPress.com account there are no easily findable instructions on how to make a guest post here.

  3. Ciao Patrick,
    good to hear from you!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation, the conference went very well, except that very few people showed up (I guess because we were the first ones).
    anyway, the work goes on and on and on… I’d love to exchange views, whenever you feel like it.
    Btw I’ve got relatives in Montreal, and you never know, I may pop in sometimes 😉

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