Coworking: No, it’s not an Office

Post Author: Robert Wayne.

I’ll get to the meat quickly but first you must know, my passion for coworking erupted like many house fires, unexpected in the night.

One early morning between 4:00 AM and 9:00 AM this blinding surge became a blueprint to open a coworking space in downtown Salt Lake City. I don’t know where the idea came from… it was just there. I don’t remember ever hearing the term coworking before, but one thing was clear, it was time to open a coworking office.

To me coworking is truly about, collaboration: a unified, high-impact, high-energy workspace. Not really an office at all.

The passion I feel for the community, this collaboration, is blazing inside me. You’ve surely felt it before working on a choice project. Coworking is a blazing fire.

If you want an office, you can go to one of many virtual suites. You’ll get a posh facade and a killer address for your business card. You’ll pay twice as much as most coworking joints and you’ll get a box office that maybe has a window. This isn’t coworking.

To me coworking is about energy first, it’s about the harmony that happens when two or more like-minded people are in proximity focusing on the same thing. In this case, building something, working –coworking. And now that I think about it, coworking is really a mastermind.  The kind that Napoleon Hill swears will change your life.

So I think you can see that coworking is really, not an office. Truly it is more of a mastermind with a footprint.

About the Author: Robert Wayne is a philanthropist, investor, urban mystic, educator, and fund manager. To date he has made millions in real estate, is currently creating a salt lake city coworking mastermind, and notability… has walked on fire TWO three times.



4 thoughts on “Coworking: No, it’s not an Office”

    1. Incubators have an entrance, and an exit. Consider them like a railroad. You can get on at one station, and in the best scenarios you get off at the station you desired. There’s a variety of paths, if you get close up, but there’s really only ever one path – the one the incubator guides you along.

      Coworking spaces have a lot of the same facilities as an incubator, but with more infinite possibilities. Instead of a place where they “make you” what you want to be, coworking provides a place for you to make yourself.

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