CoWORK Episode 1 – The Dog days of the Entrepreneur

Post Author: Chris.

That building in your town, with lots of people coming in and out, working on tables and chairs, or even small offices.  Everybody wants to know what it is all about. So how do you explain it?

The truth is, that its just like any other office…. but filled with people, who coincidentally, are all amazing, pursuing their dreams and feeding of each others energy and help.  But this is just the surface.

CoWORK is a web series that looks to expose the inner workings of this environment.  The producers look to take the humor, the nuances, the people, the disagreements and everything else and place it into 20 min episodes about life within these types of space.

Based on reality, CoWORK is a show about what really goes on inside a cowork space. 

If you need something a little refreshing and fun you can watch CoWORK Episode 1: “Dog days of the Entrepreneur” here;

So whats your take?  What is your pet policy?