Coworking in Mainstream Media

Over the last couple weeks coworking and some of the coworking fascilities in North America have been featured in traditional media.  And those of us with the ability to update this blog have been tardy in reporting this.  The news did make the rounds of the Coworking Google Group, which anyone really interested in coworking should consider joining.

It was previously reported that coworking@BOB, the newest coworking space in Vancouver, was featured in the Vancouver Sun.  However, Jane Hoges has written a lengthier piece where she visits four coworking spaces in four major US cities for the Wall Street Journal online edition.   New Work City is again featured on the NPR website in an article by Kaomi Goetz.  Finally on is a story on Working in Wi-Fi Limbo which would have been improved with more information on coworking options available in most every major city.

In related news i/o Ventures a tech start-up accelerator/incubator with elements of coworking, ie shared office space, combined with mentorship and capital investment, has opened in the Bay Area by one of the founders of MySpace and his partners.  Organizations like this have popped up in Boulder Colorado, Seattle, and Vancouver BC.  Their founders see them as a better way to bootstrap an organization and an alternative to traditional Angel and Venture Capital financing, especially in the seed stage.

Finally for those that have read down this far is an excellent article articulating the Five Things Necessary for a Local Startup Ecosystem.